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I have been coming to this shop for nearly 4 years. I have had the pleasure of having my hair cut by three different stylists. They are all very nice and love to joke around while working hard. I have even gotten them lunch because they work so hard and don't have time to go out and get food.

Jay L.
Been going here for a year now almost. You will get the same or BETTER haircut here for half the price of a high end salon.

The staff has always been great, & I've never felt rushed even when there is a wait. I've NEVER left here disappointed, & always left relaxed and refreshed! I cannot hand pick 1 stylist over another they've honestly all done a phenomenal job. 

Just a little tip- Sundays if you're there when they open expect to wait. My advice is wait a couple hours and you will usually get right in. 

*Bonus* they give a military discount (with photo ID obviously ) that nobody can beat especially for the quality look.

Mike W.
I have been going to Honeycuts in Ballantyne for a few years now. The service has always been top notch, and the quality of cut is excellent. I have been to high end men's hair salons, and I can say that Honeycuts in Ballantyne is on top with the best of them. You get the same service for a lower cost. I highly recommend Stephanie! She has a ton of experience and is always good for a laugh! You won't be disappointed.

Brian C.
Krysti is awesome.   Appoints always on time.   Fun group.   Haircut is always as requested.    Would recommend.

Craig T.
Awesome place! Everyone is so nice and friendly. They like to joke around and have fun, which is great. Quality is great and prices are very good. The love Veterans, too. Highly recommend.

Scott V.
Best salon I've been to in Charlotte!! Great atmosphere and the staff are always extremely professional! I am greeted with fast and friendly service the second I walk through the door!! Highly recommend!!

Jarrett B.
always a great haircut!! Everyone there is very friendly....

Ben B.
Honeycuts is a terrific place to get a quick, stylish haircut. I've been bringing my son here for several years & we've never been disappointed! We always ask for Julie in the Ballantyne location, but everyone does a great job.

Kim D.
I've tried all of the higher end places and to be honest they've either cut it too short, been too unwilling to listen, or made up their own cut as they go. I brought some pics of what I wanted and the cut actually looks like the picture. If you've tried many different barbers you know it's hit or miss. Glad this spot turned out efficient in their abilities. Definite recommendation - ask for Crystal

Benjamin G.
This place is great! Good atmosphere, the barbers take care to make sure your happy, the prices are very reasonable for the quality of cut you get, the accept appointments and you can request your favorite stylist, I drive almost an hour to get my hair cut here and it's totally worth it!

Chris D.
My husband just got his hair cut here and loved the salon! Great service at a great price!

Jenbug R.
Love Honeycuts, been going for over a year now and never a bad haircut. They can get busy, so i usually make an appointment with the same stylist, Julie. The staff is super friendly and run a great shop. Not sure why all the negative reviews, but the regular clients sure appreciate all the staff!

Marino R.
I've been getting my cuts at HoneyCuts in Ballantyne since 2012. I highly recommend this get a quality cut for a reasonable price, and the staff is super friendly. I pay $25 for the "Total" which includes a cut, hot towel, massaging shampoo and conditioner, and a post-shampoo head neck massage....can't beat that! I've tried other Ballantyne men's hair salons and they're either crazy expensive or not as good.

My stylist is Hong, she's great and has lots of experience...and she's a funny gal with lots of jokes. Try her or any of the other stylists...they're all good.

V. S.
been going there since i first stopped cutting my own hair about a year ago. i have never had a bad experience. i get a different person every time because i never mind. but it's one of the few places i have been in the area that can properly do a fade, especially one by hand. other places use a fade tool. i've never had to wait longer than 20 minutes and that was on a day where it was extremely busy. i also never make an appointment and im always a walk in so that tells you something. the girls are friendly and i watch them regularly remember who you are when you've been there and talk to you about things you discussed during your last visit. it's a person place where you aren't just a number.

Morgan M.
I have been going to see Hong for a year now, she is as consistant as you can find. She is very good about attention to detail and taking her time to give you a great cut.

Customer Service has been good and its typically a funny environment to be in all around. Prices are fair and the products they carry have all been pretty good.

Colin B.
I always get a quality cut at Honeycuts, no matter who the stylist is. They do a great job with my boys too (4 and 7 years old).

Josh F.
Never had a bad haircut! Always get a good cut with quick service!

Blake T.
Been coming for years and always had a great cut and experience. Very friendly staff

Ryan D.
I have been going here for almost 2 years. I love this place, and my stylist Hong is the best! I first met Hong when a new stylist had messed up my hair cut. Hong who was not my stylist came over fixed my hair and trained the new stylist on how to do it right. Hong found out that I work in mental health and that my hospital cuts patients hair for free. She donated over $300 worth of clippers, and other hair supplies. Hong is funny, and can talk junk with the best of them, but don"t be fooled she is amazing at cutting hair!

Joe S.
Amazing how I see negative reviews here...just know obviously those folks had no idea what they are talking about...I have been going to this establishment for over a year now...I get a flat top haircut and Hong is the best I have ever had doing this...I have been to so many other "barbershops" that claim they can do this cut...yeah, no they can't...they utilize a flattop comb tool and still cannot get it right (and cost more)...Hong does it freehand and is the best I have ever had in years...and the price is right too...c'mon guys $15 for a haircut is reasonable to I don't do the wash and massage and hot towel add-ons...of course that will cost more, I just prefer not too...I just like a good haircut...I would recommend this place and Hong to anyone and have several times...and by the way you can call and make appointments like I do, of course you will be put ahead of walk-ins...hello...all places do this...and by the way Julie has cut my hair too and is wonderful don't take my word for it or other peoples opinions...come in and experience the great cut for yourselves!

Scott R.
Great haircut. Friendly employees. Free stuff!

Jake L.
Very nice workers

Bann A.
Great Hair Cut, Sports on TV, and pretty girls cutting your hair at a price less than other establishments. My boss asked me where I got my hair cut and now goes there also.

It is not just the pretty girls and tv sports, that only gets you in the door. It is the great service, great cut, and a reasonable price that inspires the review, the return patronage, and recommendations to other friends to go to this establishment.

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